Fuel Cells Environmental Data

Fuel Cells Environmental Data

measurement systems

Reliable Off-Grid Power for Crucial Data Transmission

The Application

An abundance of environmental data is collected every day for surface water level measurements, waste water management, weather stations, avalanche detection systems, seismic detection, as well as measurements of gas and radiation. This data has to be collected reliably in order to assure and improve disaster management.

Energy demand: between 200 and 2500 Wh/day

Autonomy demand is very high due to location remoteness of the measurement systems..

The Challenge

Provide reliable power around the clock, especially during wintertime, with low solar intensity and low temperatures. Solar solutions alone do not supply reliable off-grid power, especially in critical weather and the dark seasons.

The Solution

Team up existing solar panels and batteries with an EFOY Pro fuel cell for ultimate off-grid power reliability, integrated into a cabinet.

The Benefits

    Long autonomy and reliability – EFOY Pro fuel cells offer maintenance free off-grid power for several months. Up to 100 days of autonomy can be achieved when powering a 50 W monitoring device. Operating costs are reduced while reliable data acquisition is guaranteed.

    Easy installation and handling – An EFOY Pro fuel cell is compact and lightweight and can easily be integrated into existing cabinets. Once installed all that is needed is an occasional fuel cartridge exchange. This event can be calculated and planned very closely beforehand; the fuel cell can be remote controlled, making extra trips to the site unnecessary.

    Emission free operation – The EFOY Pro fuel cell has minimal impact on the environment. Only small amounts of water vapor and CO2 are emitted, allowing its use in nature reserve areas.

    EFOY Pro supplies reliable off-grid power, independent of weather conditions and for long periods of time without any user intervention..