Delta Solivia Solar Inverters

Delta Solivia 20 EU G4 TL Solar Inverters


Perfect choice for medium sized systems, such as those frequently used in the commercial or agricultural sectors.

The transformerless solar inverters, Delta SOLIVIA 15 TL and Delta SOLIVIA 20 TL

SOLIVIA 15 TL and SOLIVIA 20 TL, are dust tight (IP65 / IP55) and operate over a wide range of temperatures.

A very high efficiency up to 98.0 %, a wide input voltage range of 200 V up to 1000 V as well as 2 MPP trackers give you ultimate flexibility when designing your PV installation.

Major Features

    Transformerless string inverters with peak efficiencies (up to 98.0 %)
    Wide input voltage range from 200 V up to 1000 V
    Wide operating temperature ranges: -20 °C to +60 °C
    RS485 (EIA485) communication interfaces
    2 MPP trackers
    Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications (IP65 / IP55)
    Simple and direct on-screen data display
    DC disconnector integrated
    Compliant with low-voltage directive VDE AR N 4105 and mid-voltage directive BDEW