Efoy-Pro Fuel Cells Telecommunications

Fuel Cells Telecommunications

Continuous Power

Reliable Power Supply for Continuous Data & Voice Transmission

The Application

Repeater stations are often situated in locations difficult to access, as they transfer telecommunication signals to isolated areas.

Energy demand: between 20 and 250 W
Autonomy demand: Several months.

The Challenge

Provide reliable, weather independent off-grid power with an easy handling, low maintenance energy solution.

The Solution

Repeater Stations: Team up EFOY Pro fuel cells with solar panels, wind generators and batteries for independent off-grid power even in remote locations.

The Benefits

    Increased runtime and autonomy – Continuous power supply for repeater stations: EFOY Pro fuel cells offer maintenance free off-grid power for several months. Up to one year of autonomy can be achieved when powering a 20 W repeater station with EFOY Pros in hybrid combination with solar.

    100 % Reliability – EFOY Pro Fuel Cells are lightweight. This reduces the need for large and heavy batteries, enabling easing installation and handling processes.

    EFOY Pro Fuel Cells provides reliable, weather independent off-grid power at remote sites while reducing logistics costs.