Efoy-Pro Fuel Cells Traffic Management

Fuel Cells Traffic Management

Road weather stations

Reliable Off-Grid Power for Highest Traffic Safety

The Application

Road weather stations measure different parameters on roads and bridges, as for example fog, rain, snow, ice and road temperature to ensure road safety and prevent casualties.

Energy demand: between 300 and 1200 Wh/day.

The Challenge

Provide sufficient off-grid power around the clock, especially during wintertime, with low solar intensity and low temperatures. Solar alone does not supply reliable energy, especially in critical weather and the dark seasons.

The Solution

Team up existing solar panels and batteries with an EFOY Pro for flexible off-grid power solutions, integrated into a cabinet.

The Benefits

    Weather Independent – Teaming up EFOY Pro fuel cells with solar combines the best of both technologies. As long as the sun delivers enough power, the fuel cell remains in standby. When solar intensity goes down, the fuel cell steps in and fills the energy gap by recharging the battery → Reliable off-grid power around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year.

    100 % Reliability ensures 100 % data collection. Downtime costs are avoided; road surface warnings are issued reliably when needed.

    Long autonomy – EFOY Pro fuel cells offer a maintenance free off-grid power supply for several months. Up to 50 days of autonomy can be achieved when powering a 50 W monitoring device.

    EFOY Pro supplies reliable off-grid power independent of weather conditions and for long periods of time without any user intervention.