Efoy-Pro Fuel Cells Security & Surveillance

Fuel Cells Stationary CCTV Surveillance

Security & surveillance

Security & Surveillance - Flexible, Hidden Power Supply

The Application

Stationary audio and video surveillance systems are used for physical protection and observation, boarder protection, public safety, event security, nature observation. They are often installed covertly for undercover surveillance.

Power demand: Between 25 and 50 W.

The Challenge

Semi stationary and stationary surveillance systems often do not have access to the mains grid, limiting the possibility of installing CCTV at remote areas.

The Solution

EFOY Pro fuel cells provide reliable off-grid power for weeks on end, without requiring maintenance.

The Benefits

    Long autonomy – The EFOY Pro fuel cell will produce off-grid power 24/7 in any weather, climate or season. As long as a fuel supply is assured, the EFOY Pro will automatically generate power as needed. Autonomy of the CCTV system can be lengthened depending on the size of the fuel cartridge employed.

    Easy installation – theft and vandalism proof – The EFOY Pro fuel cell is lightweight, compact and can easily be installed into existing cabinets and outdoor boxes. Inside a suitable enclosure, the EFOY Pro fuel cell is safe from theft or vandalism.

    Non detectable – The EFOY Pro fuel cell is suitable for silent watch operations. It is silent in operation and easily camouflaged when integrated into surroundings that do not attract attention. A running, integrated fuel cell cannot be recognized from the outside. No vibrations, noise, exhaust or heat are detectable.

    Emission free – The EFOY Pro fuel cell only has minimal impact on the environment. Only small amounts of water vapor and CO2 are emitted, allowing its use in nature reserve areas.

    The EFOY Pro fuel cell ensures reliable off-grid power supply of all kinds of surveillance system.