Efoy-Pro Fuel Cells Speed Cameras

Fuel Cells Traffic Management

speed cameras

Reliable Off-Grid Power for Highest Traffic Safety

The Application

Speed cameras are used in stationary and mobile traffic surveillance systems to monitor speed limits for increased road and public safety in cities and in the countryside.

Power demand: between 50 and 125 W.
Energy demand: approx. 1200 - 3000 Wh/day.

The Challenge

Places where accidents occur frequently often have no access to the mains grid. If a speed camera is to be positioned there it requires reliable off-grid power, as costs for grid connection are high, and installation will require much administrative effort and long term planning.

The Solution

Provide reliable off-grid power with an EFOY Pro or a hybrid power solution by teaming up an EFOY Pro fuel cell with your existing solar system.

The Benefits

    Flexible installation of Speed Camera for Higher Safety – Place cameras at places where accidents and speeding occur frequently, regardless of grid access, shady trees etc. EFOY Pro fuel cells supply reliable off-grid power and ensure operating safety withoutlimitations.

    Reduction of Administrative Cost & Effort – EFOY Pro fuel cell is a turnkey off-grid power solution which can be placed directly on site, in the EFOY ProCube or integrated into existing cabinets.

    Long Autonomy and high Reliability – EFOY Pro fuel cells offer maintenance free off-grid power for several months. Up to 103 days of autonomy can be achieved when powering a 50 W speed camera. Due to the 100 % reliability of EFOY Pro fuel cells, downtime costs are avoided.

    Concealed Installation– The EFOY Pro is lightweight, silent, compact and flexible. It is easily installed into existing cabinets or outdoor boxes – theft and vandalism proof.