SolarWorld Sunmodule SW270 Monocrystalline

SolarWorld Monocrystalline German Solar Modules

sustainable product quality

TUV Rheinland Power controlled inspection quality guaranteed. 

SolarWorld Sunmodule Monocrystalline Panels SW270

    SolarWorld AG relies on Germany as its technology location, thereby ensuring sustainable product quality.

    The TUV Rheinland Power controlled inspection mark guarantees that the nominal power indicated for solar modules is inspected at regular intervals and thus ensured. The deviation to TUV is maximum 2 percent.

    The positive power tolerance guarantees utmost system efficiency. Only modules achieving or exceeding the designated nominal power in performance tests are despatched. The power tolerance ranges between -0 Wp and +5 Wp.

    With its linear performance warranty covering a period of 25 years, SolarWorld guarantees a maximum performancedegradation of 0.7% p.a., a signicant added value compared to the two-phase warranties common in the industry. Therefore, the service certificate offers comprehensive protection for your investment in the long term.

    Main Benefits

      Produced in Germany, the center for Solar Technology.

      TUV Power controlled: Lowest measuring tolerance.

      25 year linear performance warranty and 10 year product warranty.

      Why SolarWorld is the Best Choice for Solar Panels