Sunway Solar Inverters

German Designed & Built Grid Connect Solar Inverters

Sunways NT2500 to 5000 Solar Inverters

Yield-oriented solar inverters with up to 98 percent peak efficiency.

New Solar Inverter technology

The tried and tested NT series of Solar Inverters (German designed and manufactured Solar Inverters) has been completely reengineered and impresses with further improved performance specifications and a greater functional range. Due to the HERIC® topology the NT series – with a maximum efficiency of 97.8% – occupies the top position for 5 kW string inverters.

The class leading German manufactured Sunways NT Solar Inverter range of inverters has a maximum conversion efficiency of up to 98%, but importantly, the patented HERIC technology delivers high efficiency across the whole production curve. Customers love extra production!

This exceptional performance has been rewarded with the Photon rating of A+

Sunways specialises in PV system components important for yield and their optimum interaction. Thanks to the perfect co-ordination between Sunways Solar Modules and Sunways Solar Inverters in terms of output, you achieve maximum yields. Ultimately, it is a perfectly co-ordinated system that makes the cruicial differences between the theoretical output on paper and the output that your PV system actually achieves.

Major Features

    Maximum efficiency of up to 98% thanks to efficient HERIC® topology
    Input voltage range from 340 to 900 V
    NT series can be used throughout the country of installation can be set on site at a touch.
    Comprehensive "All-in-one" communication options
    New Technology with 2500 W, 3000 W, 3700 W, 4200 W or 5000 W output classes.