Terms & Conditions

Solar Energy Australia Terms & Conditions


It is extremely important that all installation instructions contained within this manual are strictly adhered to. Failure to do so will void your warranty


If this unit is installed within 1km of the coast steps should be taken to prevent salt water or spray entering the unit. Any corrosion related problems are not covered under the terms of this warranty. A fully marinised version of this unit is not available.

Solar Energy Australia warrants this inverter against defects in material or workmanship, for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase, when in normal use and service. The warranty period will provide a total of two (2) years if a completed warranty card is received within 60 days of purchase. No warranty will be provided on units, which have not been paid for in full. Some models may have the option of purchasing an extended warranty period; see elsewhere in this manual for details.

This manufacturer's warranty is in addition to your consumer rights under local trade practices act. This warranty does not extend to products which have been opened, altered or repaired by persons other than those authorised by Solar Energy Australia or to products which become defective due to acts of God, fire, sabotage, vandalism, contaminated fluids, negligence or failure to operate, house and maintain the product in accordance with instructions provided in this manual.

This warranty does not cover repairs made necessary due to the product coming in contact with dirt, abrasives, moisture, erosion, corrosion, varnish or other similar, or failure due to poor quality of other system components

Solar Energy Australia will repair or replace the defective product in accordance with its best judgment. For service under warranty, the buyer must contact Solar Energy Australia to obtain a "Return Materials Advice" (RMA) document and shipping instructions before returning the unit. Products returned without prior authorisation may be delayed.

The buyer will pay all charges incurred in returning the product to the factory and shipping the replacement product from the factory, including any charges incurred for the uninstallation or reinstallation of the inverter and / or its system components, if the product is found to be defective, within the terms of this warranty. Repair or replacement of any unit does not extend the original warranty terms in any way.

Solar Energy Australia reserves the right, with some models, to supply an accredited installer with replacement parts (Aust. only). This may allow the unit to become operable much quicker. This choice is at Solar Energy Australia's discretion. Solar Energy Australia will in no way be held responsible for any losses incurred due to the malfunctioning or failure of a product. Suitably qualified personnel MUST carry out wiring. Failure to do so cannot justify a warranty claim.

Except for the foregoing expressed warranty, Solar Energy Australia makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

If you have any questions about this warranty please do not hesitate to contact us.

NOTE: Packing for service and transportation - we recommend you keep the original packing in which your Orion was supplied. This is the best way to protect your unit should shipping be required

Solar Energy Australia cannot be held responsible for units damaged in transit.